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IQ Nutrition is one of the strongest suppliers of natural ingredients, focused on standardized herbal extracts, herbal powders, natural fruit juice and powders, and also supply pharmaceuticals like vitamins, amino acids and other nutritional ingredients. Our natural herbal extracts including ratio extract, single active ingredient content, from low assay to high refine ingredient. With each step from research, processing, production, storage and marketing, we always pursue the best quality for our customers.

Our absolute advantage

*  Our ingredients are manufactured and tested by factories with GMP, ISO, HACCP, KOSHER and other quality certifications.
*  Third-party Lab test report
*  R&D center with full set of advanced analysis instruments such as, HPLC, GC, HPLC-MS, AAS, UV-VIS to control the quality of products.
*  Ningbo has one of the largest seaports in the world, which allows us to transport our goods worldwide in a timely manner.
*  IQ Nutrition's extensive network enables natural products sourcing to multiple markets, allowing us to capitalize on worldwide seasons with excellent customer services for our customers.

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Apple Skin Extract 70% (UV)polyphenols
Astragalus Extract  0.3% (HPLC) Astragalosides
Bamboo extract   70% Silicon
Apple concentrate juice
Goji concentrate juice
Jujube concentrate juice
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Bee Pollen
Coenzyme Q10